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'Siberia is so big, it’s almost more an idea than a place'
Ian Frazier

Here's something you can't sanction, Obama

By The Siberian Times reporter
31 October 2014

As the winter cold settles in, this is a sight to warm you up (strictly 18+).

Siberian peasant in traditional kosovorotka sees in his dream ultra-sexy girls running towards him. Picture: Fraules 

The newspapers are full of rising food prices, shortages in shops and fears over the impact of counter-productive sanctions led by the Americans. It's also the time of year everyone feels a bit low as temperatures plummet below zero. 

Fraules Dancing Centre has been dubbed 'Siberia's greatest export' - and you can see why in their latest performance, the most provocative so far. 

This is their latest hit, and routinely now they're securing tens of millions of hits on the web for new video releases of their sensational twerking, as The Siberian Times revealed in August. They twerk to Wiggle by US rappers Snoop Dog and Jason Derulo, with the dancers thrilled that Snoop Dog offered Fraules the song.

As we should expect, the Russians give their own twist to the original version. In the Fraules video, a Siberian peasant in traditional kosovorotka falls asleep after a hard day's work in the field. 

'He sees in his dream these ultra-sexy girls running towards him and beginning to dance booty shake, and the in a night club,' explains news website.  

Yelena Yatkina, 23, founder of Fraules Dancing Centre, stars in the show with eight of her dancers. Filming them was 24 year old cameraman Yevgeniy Remizovskiy who confessed: 'We spent about ten hours making the video. It was the most pleasant ten hours of my life.'

Siberian peasant dreams on beauties

Girls dancing in the field

Shooting the video

Dancing in the club with beauties

Dancing in the club with beauties

'We had to film in a field outside the city, it was near the end of September. The girls were dressed quite lightly, and the weather was rather cool.' Picture: Yevgeniy Remizovskiy, Fraules 

Yevgeny, originally from the Sakha Republic, Siberia's largest and coldest region, explained: 'We took a great deal of preparation work before the filming.

'We had to film in a field outside the city, and it was near the end of September. The girls were dressed quite lightly as you can see, and the weather was rather cool.'

Maybe this helped with their dance moves but 'we had to film quick and from the first take. We were warming up with tea during breaks. I think the video came out nicely.'

The twerking troupe are now acclaimed worldwide. 

'Miley Cyrus and Beyonce better watch their step - they've got rivals nipping at their heels in the form of a group of dancers from Siberia who have become global twerking sensations,' concluded the world's most popular English language news site Mail Online after their last video.

Yelena, 23, makes no secret that her mission - apart from having fun - is 'to show how great it is here in Siberia'. You can see exactly why her troupe's hot dancing defy anyone's notion that Siberia is cold and forbidding. 

'Why do I think there is such interest to booty dance? The right name for it is twerk, which is a separate style when you shake your derriere. Booty dance is more like its marketing, commercial name. 

Beyonce's choreographer Danielle Polanco checks out Siberia's twerking sensations

Beyonce's choreographer Danielle Polanco checks out Siberia's twerking sensations

Beyonce's choreographer Danielle Polanco checks out Siberia's twerking sensations

Beyonce's choreographer Danielle Polanco checks out Siberia's twerking sensations

Beyonce's choreographer Danielle Polanco checks out Siberia's twerking sensations

Beyonce's choreographer Danielle Polanco checks out Siberia's twerking sensations

Beyonce's choreographer Danielle Polanco checks out Siberia's twerking sensations

'For some it is the best - but not the easiest! - way to keep in shape'. Pictures: Vera Salnitskaya 

'Girls and women of different ages come to study it - well, except that I try to limit the youngest and stop them from doing it. I think it is not correct from the moral point of view to teach 13, 14, 15 year old girls, because the movements carry a quite clear connotation. 

'They beg me to take them, and even their parents call me and plead to teach their children, saying that they give their permission. It is certainly an energetic and beautiful dance routine, by my position is that you should start it from an older age - at least from 16.'

'People are taken by the energy, rhythm, and beauty of the movements. For some it is the best possible way to keep in shape, because it is not easy to train your body even for an hour. If you enter our classes in winter you'll feel it's like being in sauna with all the mirror steamed up and all of us covered in sweat'.

Yevgeniy, who came to Novosibirsk from Neryungri, only began to work with the camera three years ago. 'I was a student at Novosibirsk Technical University, I worked as a DJ, promoter and even as a cargo handler. 

'In 2011, a friend asked me to go with him on a trip to the Altai Mountains as a cameraman, and I loved how people reacted to the camera. This trip changed my life.

'I gave up everything and got to study film. I was invited to go and work in Moscow, but I want to stay in Novosibirsk and do something to one day make it really famous.'

Comments (5)

I have been a fan of Elena Yatkina's for three years. Her style of dancehall, vogue and twerk----of which she takes to another level--- is unsurpassed by any other dancer (of that style) in the world. Her dance ability and choreography give twerking a credibility that western dancers do not. Elena and her dancers at Fraules Dance Centre are the main reason I want to visit Siberia. She is simply amazing.
Jennifer Annison, Atlanta, GA USA
25/12/2016 09:22
These girls are beautiful & it should be up to themselves how they go about showing their talent to the world. Maybe Yelena should follow UDI to "Britain's Got Talent" for 2016 & win same after UDI win it this year. There they'll get the biggest publicity ever as it's watched worldwide. And what a way that would be to promote Russia, especially Siberia. Everyone the world over, needs a proper & good government...but more importantly EVERYONE deserves to be allowed the basic human rights, dignity, freedom, justice, equality & peace, oh & a free press wouldn't go amiss. Bad governance deny these basic rights & unfortunately under Russia's present government/leader/Dumas that how it is, (but in our world, it's not just Russia) & it's getting worse as of late when many are walking around with the sense of FEAR on their shoulders. That is truly sad. PS. I love the sight of those beautiful girls"Twerking", carry on, "Girls".
Jaker, Dundalk
21/05/2015 22:13
Most americans have no beef with Russia. It is clear to us that our gov't doesn't do what we want them to and that most politicians only care about who has money. Our countries are run by the bankers, IMF, World Bank, etc. The people have no say anymore. Most people around the world only want to take care of themselves and their families and not making war all over the world. I'd love to come to Russia and visit, especially Siberia as it is full of wild lands and wildlife. Also, most people in the us think that twerking is nasty and stupid.
OutBackJack, Buzzards Breath, Wyoming, USA
10/11/2014 09:50
This girls should be more modest and try not to follow the Western ways, displaying your beauty for all man to see is wrong! Preserve your beauty for your husband and ones who respect you, love and cherish you. Remember beauty fades, respect and honour will last a life time.
Lazar, Moscow
02/11/2014 02:28
It's the russian PEOPLE you're hurting ,you know the same people that lost millions of lives from bullets ,cannon fire and starvation in both World Wars,
I couldn't agree more that Russian Govts have been far from pure since; but slowly and surely the russian people
are becoming more selective of who they choose to govern and these sanctions don't help their mindset.
If anything they have very little affect on the Ruling Bureacrats but a huge negative affect on the working people.
Russian people have been very weary of foreigners yet their curiosity is becoming more adventurous with each decade , They now have a strong desire to see the World and are now becoming frequent travellers and visitors to other Countries.
Their acceptance of other cultures is becoming increasingly more prevalent and this awarenes has given them a better understanding of their own culuture which in turn has increased their pride in their Country and rightly so.
This can be done in harmony, so take away these discriminatory sanctions,and leave the prejudices and mistrust in the "Dinosauric" past. BTW your piece of resistance is typically American . Must try and put a Russian agenda to argue your point next time ,ok Still use girls but more russki ok
Patrick Travers, Perth Australia
01/11/2014 17:06

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