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Man lives after bear breaks his spine and keeps him as food inside den

By The Siberian Times reporter
26 June 2019

Alexander described as a ‘speaking mummy’ found by hunting dogs close to death after a month. UPDATED!

Man lives after bear breaks his spine and keeps him as food inside den. File image of a brown bear by Mikhail Korostelev 


The emaciated man from Russia’s remote Republic of Tuva was preserved as ‘tin-can’ food to eat later by a brown bear, say local reports in the region.

A group of local hunters found Alexander after their dogs refused to leave the area of the den. 

Their persistent barking pushed the hunters to check inside the lair, where they found a barely-alive man. He was rushed to the local hospital and has been diagnosed with a broken spine and severe emaciation. 

Alexander remembers his first name but not his age, and was reportedly in the den for around one month, drinking urine to survive. 

He is now in the intenstive care with multiple injuries and rotting skin. 

He can move his arms, local hospital doctors said. 

Man lives after bear breaks his spine and keeps him as food inside den
Local medics say they cannot explain how the man survived such injuries. Picture: EADily

A video shows Alexander opening his blue eyes and confirming his first name.

It is as yet unclear if he was a hunter, too, and how his encounter with the bear happened. 

He managed to explain that he was attacked and dragged inside the den when he broke his spine.

The attack happened approximately a month ago, Alexander said. 

‘The bear preserved me as food for later’, he explained.

A video filmed inside the local hospital shows that the man turned into a ‘speaking mummy’ with his tissues rotting after laying motionless for so long. 

Local medics say they cannot explain how the man survived such injuries.


The story on the bear man was reported by major Russian newspaper Izvestia and news agency EADaily.

But a spokesman at the health ministry in Tyva Republic said: 'We cannot confirm the case happened in Tuva.

'It was not registered by the Ministry of Health, the Emergencies Ministry or any other official body (in the region).

'Most probably, it happened somewhere outside Tuva.'

Speech on the background in the video appears not to be local language Tuvan.

Comments (178)

Holy F&N A, sounds like movie!
Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollyweird
26/06/2019 21:14
to add to J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Dobbstown, S.A. comment above: Russians and Ukranians are absolutely some of
the most determined and hardest working people Ive ever known. Wish we could all get along like God intended us to. NWO is the threat to all of us.
Justthetruthplease, Payson,Arizona,USA
26/06/2019 20:58
Joe Biden....us that you ?
Fungus, Atlanta/ USA
26/06/2019 20:58
Did anyone search for thr poor guy? Family? Friends?

I would have loved a better description or reaction from rescuers or hosp personnel.

Maybe later. Sooooo happy he survived.

God bless
Chip1949, Ashland/USA
26/06/2019 20:51
I am in absolute disbelief, truly. He reminds me of the man being kept alive in the movie Seven..He's in THAT kind of condition. Just unreal.
Electric Boogaloo, Jax, Fl
26/06/2019 20:33
Most Americans will soon look like this as the liberal democrats take over the USA
26/06/2019 20:31
It's a real mystery that the bear didn't kill & eat him. He should write a book or a short story about his ordeal.
Cletus McCoy, Turkeybreath, USA
26/06/2019 20:22
This guy is really, really lucky. He owes those dogs a big steak. Hopefully he will survive and will recover from his severe injuries. Prepper4life, you do recall the socialist of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Nazi's or Communist, no difference.
alpha1six, U.S.A.
26/06/2019 20:00
Praise Bob !
Lil Boogie Boy, Odessa, FL
26/06/2019 19:53
I'm not sure I would be able to survive that.
I wish him well and a good recovery.
26/06/2019 19:42
Bob-If only they would lay off the vodka.
26/06/2019 19:22
Rasputin lives! Good to see you again, old friend!
J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Dobbstown, S.A.
26/06/2019 19:15
True Russians can survive anything and this is proof. As an American I am reminded how tough Russians are, and never will forget it was they that finally did in the socialist Nazis. No wonder socialists fear them so much- self sufficiency is in their DNA.
Prepper4life, Usa
26/06/2019 19:05

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