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Weather in Omsk

The climate in Omsk is defined as ‘distinctly continental’ with winters that are not just cold but severe with extremely rare thaws; the summertime however is often very hot - and as some complain the summers are quite short.

Omsk has a tough climate compared with the towns located on the same latitude - like Ufa, Kaliningrad, Copenhagen and Manchester, with long snowy winters and 4-5 week long spring and autumn seasons.

Omsk is quite open to winds; it gets frozen from by the Arctic and is often visited by western winds from the Atlantic that bring a great deal of rain and snow.

February in Omsk is famous for its snowstorms, while April is the windiest month of the year; July can often be the wettest month.

May and June are known for frequent dust storms coming from Kazakh steppes – hot air dries out the soil which leads to plant and tree damage. Rains can be sudden and irregular, and the average rainfall is modest comparing with the central regions of Russia.

It is usually around 0°C at the beginning of April, but the temperature increases rapidly from this point as spring is very short.

By the end of May the temperature is regularly higher than 15°C and not long after increases to 30-35°C. The warmer weather begins to fade at the end of August and the temperature usually returns to below zero by the beginning of October.


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