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'Gennadii Iudin, the Krasnoyarsk distiller made millions in the liquor trade and built Siberia's greatest private library'
W.Bruce Lincoln

'Psychic cat' goes viral in Russia, and is 'bought for $84,000 by clairvoyant'

By The Siberian Times reporter
26 January 2017

The 'mind-changing' moggie begins new life working for Siberian 'witch' after driving previous owner crazy.

'This creature managed to inspire me to thoughts and shame me to do what I do not want to do.' Picture: Amur.Info

The bizarre story was told by the former owner of cat Charles Utkins, who inherited the pet from his aunt when she died. Dmitry R soon noticed the strange abilities of his new pet, for example appearing from behind locked doors at his home in Blagoveshchensk.

He explained: 'The doors to the rooms were closed, and the cat, shut away elsewhere, suddenly appears in the room from behind closed doors, although nobody let him go.

'He reads minds, but the worst thing - he inspires thoughts. And these thoughts will be fulfilled, they are impossible to resist. He made me go shopping and buy what he needed.

'Before I met Utkins I... did not believe in supernatural things. But this creature managed to inspire me to thoughts and shame me to do what I do not want to do.

Dmitry R

Dmitry and his cat

Dmitry R soon noticed the strange abilities of his new pet. Pictures: Amur.Info

'For example, I do not eat fish, at all, I don't like it, or sausages. He would wake me up at 5 am with a strong desire to eat fish or sausage. So much so that I had to go out right then to buy it and give it to the cat. And as soon as the cat started to eat, my hunger disappeared.' 

The animal stared into space, evidently seeing things humans could not. 

Life was intolerable with the animal and led to strains in his marriage, with his wife feeling uneasy around the 'psychic' pet. 

The clairvoyant from Novosibirsk - some 4,500 kilometres away - mysteriously heard about the cat and came to inspect it, said Dmitry. After a short interview the woman, who is not named but has been labelled a 'witch' by local media, is said wasted no time in paying 5 million roubles - $84,000 - for the 'psychic cat'.

Psychic cat

Psychic cat

Psychic cat


The clairvoyant from Novosibirsk - some 4,500 kilometres away from Blagoveshchensk - mysteriously heard about the cat and came to inspect it. Pictures: Amur.Info, The Siberian Times

The animal is to be put to work in her seances, he said.

'She is  a clairvoyant, and came with all her paraphernalia,' he said. 'She closed the cat in the room, and then rapidly decided to buy it. She is strictly against journalists, so I cannot name her.

'But I can describe her - fairly young, well-groomed, blonde, and she wears expensive clothes. The lady looks very expensive. She will travel to Novosibirsk with Charlie and we made a special veterinary passport for the cat.

'She deals with extrasensory phenomenon,' he claimed. 'She can see in some beings the object of her interest - and earnings. More than once she stipulated that the cat will pay off. She has a website, and some good respectable clients.'

Comments (15)

There are people influenced by narcotics, badly informed people, the corrupt, the carnival wabbits..why not this warlock cat? Secretariat influenced people, why not?
Laurie Bryant, California, USA
06/08/2020 11:32
i've even had a cat i was mad at for going under my desk and crewing on the wire then when I went to get it it was behind me... like boo.. but its not a psychic thing.. it was still a kitten so didn't know better about the wiers yet but some yuck spray took care of that..but how it got behind me I never knew until it happened again and I happened to catch it on camera sneaking right past me to sit meekly on the bed like "hey I was here the whole time" lol. cats are amazing yes. psychic... no. us humans always trying to put superstition to things we don't understand rather than learn practical reasons for why or actually try understand the animal let alone ourselves. okay sorry for all the long posts. 1000 characters not enough.
Petty, USA CA
01/12/2019 05:19
last thing cats appearing in unexpected places does not equal psychic ever put a camera in your home to see how your cat ends up some places, well I have and it wasn't so scary after that lol. they can fix though surprisingly small openings or even get through a chimney.. or sneak by you without you seeing it because since they are prey animals and hunters they know how to avoid peripheral visions of other creatures like us..
Petty, USA CA
01/12/2019 05:17
the fantasy bothers me enough as it is that I'm even in process of making a custom insurance policy just in case it ever does play out and payable to any woman who claims it since I don't know who my gf would be at the time and that's who Id want to have it, upon proof of death by strangulation which recent ejaculation happening within and forensic it was women who did it. if psychic cats actually exist because im wrong (but im not they don't exist silly ppl)its a more practical reason to have the policy lol. Is stay away from cats if they really were real believe me! in fact psychic ppl don't even exit, they are just ppl good at body language and do stuff like cold readings and being very vague they can get you to believe anything or make you answer the question but think they did,
Petty, USA CA
01/12/2019 05:10
Now if a cat like that existed and could indeed influence thought and action it might influence the next woman who is near me and the cat if I'm attracted to her to do it cause it thinks I want it and cause I treated it nicely and it not realizing the fantasy doesnt mean I actually want to die but without the "risk" its not much of a fantasy.. either way id never act on the fantasy id be too scared id lose lol.. but a mind altering cat could make it happen and I might not know it until its already too late to escape.. so yea good dang thing mind controlling cats don't exist and I dont have one..
Petty, USA CA
01/12/2019 05:07
like the fantasy is a women would have sex with me and she would choke me occasionally off and on during it to near unconsciousness and I cant get away cause Id be tied up or she would be stronger than me or there would be multiple women helping so I couldn't get away and they would play this dangerous game that ifI climax under 5 or 10 minutes they will stop letting me regain consciousness and instead strangle me to death and they of course try their best to make sure they do get me off before that time, and they have such confidence and dominance that they just might succeed, if i'm lucky they give me 2 chances before they strangle me to death.
Petty, USA CA
01/12/2019 05:05
but shoot if it was real chances are at some point the cats gonna wanna cheer me up or make me happy in return for the happiness I show it and it being well... a cat.. its gonna prove my mind and try to give me something it thinks I want, or something I want but taken out of context since cats don't understand some things about humanity of our brain no matter how smart one is. like I have a reoccuring dark fantasy which arouses me greatly when it hits my mind but its freaking stupid and I had it since I was a teenagers but its also potentially dangerous to me if it were to happen in reality
Petty, USA CA
01/12/2019 05:04
omg the crazy ppl on the net who believe all this stuff but wont put a drop of stock into anything with scientific proof. Believe me I want that to be real but its not.. and ever here of confirmation bias. If it was real possibly having a cat like that would be very bad for me, cats love me and not in the purely usual self serving or socal reasoning of cats, but actually seem to love me.. they go crazy if I leave the house or the room they are in, cats are drawn to me for some reason but I'm not gonna believe its for superstitious reason its just my chemistry... So it might try to help me thinking its doing something I want not realizing the complexity of the human mind.
Petty, USA CA
01/12/2019 05:02
He's beautiful! L love cats, yes they do seem to sense things that we can't. Also, very intelligent. My cat alerted me on one occasion that the kettle had boiled dry. Sadly, he is not with me now, he passed away several years ago. But Tiger was a character I often like to think that csats come back. I looked after a cat, Dora, for a friend, and she was so like my cat I had in childhood. It was as if Lucky had come back to me in Dora. Maybe that sounds fanciful, but comforting, none the less. I was reading about a cat in Baikal region, and ths cat turned up out of the blue, and seemed uncannily like the cat in this book! I expect there are a lot of "cat" tales that could be told.
Mary-Ann White, United Kingdom
09/08/2019 01:28
Hello. I am a cat as well. I would like to add that we are in fact psychic, and due to this we are close to achieving world domination. Meow. And one more thing: on the internet, no one knows that you are a cat!!!
Twinkletoes, Russia
27/01/2018 05:20
Another cat lover, U.S - Of course you were the only one who could see your cat, mainly because it wasn't there.

On a somewhat related note you should consider reading Hienlein guessing you'd love some of his stuff.
15/10/2017 18:12

Thank you for writing about pets. Please continue to do so – as can be seen from the wonderful comments, so many of us can connect with stories such as these. great post.
StephanieRMontgomery, usa
13/10/2017 00:37
Actually, most cats are psychic. You just have to recognize it. The owner was sensitive to this fact. I have 3 cats, and they are all kind of psychic, but one ( their mother, my original cat ) is the one most psychic. I worked 1 hour away from home. Some mornings she would look at me like she didn't want me to leave. Then at work, randomly and just for a spilt second, I would see her moving by my foot. Then she'll disappear ( I would be the only one that would see her occasionally there or other places where she couldn't possibly be.).
Another cat lover, U.S
08/08/2017 09:30
Some people should have never been allowed to have a cat...
I hope the cat ist fine by now and the lady too.
Eva Schulz, Wenns Austria
13/03/2017 09:29
Definitely not “FAKE NEWS” as a lot of reputed media houses have also published this unbelievable true story.Many “Psychics” or “Godmen/Godwomen” as we call them in India have a mass following and are extremely rich so this sum of money as a “Psychic Advertisement” is not surprising although a first for a cat in recorded memory.
Rudolph.A.Furtado, Mumbai/India
01/02/2017 16:55

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