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Devil's Ear made of pure gold, found on Friday 13th under a full moon

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18 June 2014


The miners are very hopeful that an old saying 'one nugget never walks alone' will work for them again. Picture: Ugakhan company

As soon as Siberian workers set eyes on the find - the largest ever at the Ukhagan mine in the Irkutsk region's Bodaybinsky district - they called it the Devil's Ear.

'The nugget was found on Friday 13 June',  said a statement by local officials. 'The weight of 6,664 gram also favours secrecy and the shape is very similar to a pointy ear. So miners immediately called the find 'The Devil's Ear'.'

Surprisingly the find was initially thrown away, thanks to an overzealous sifting machine. A worker levelling the mining debris found the treasure. 

Now there is added excitement at the Siberian mine. Such finds rarely come singly. 

'If there is one, there will be a second and it is possible that very soon the Devil's Ear will have a brother,' said the local administration statement

Sergey Kozlov, Ugakhan director, said: 'The nugget was found in a new mine that according to preliminary estimate doesn't have that much gold. 

'But the miners are very hopeful that an old saying 'one nugget never walks alone' will work for them again. 

'First we will have to check the dropouts more carefully - to see what else the clever equipment threw away!'

Comments (3)

Put the Devil's a Ear in a museum-- the nugget the sifter rejected has become the chief museum piece.
Br. Ignatios, mt. Athos, Greece
31/08/2014 14:28
Gold! Gold! a metal that has extraordinary aphrodisiac powers, Da da it has excited mankind in numerous ways ,a sort of non liquid elixir, a cure for all ills,The colour emits a hypnotic trance on those who glance it ,The feel sends shivers of uncontrollable excitement through every part of your body, The weight affects the mind in an avarice torment. .I hope it will never be melted down,but be used as a public attraction in one of the many excellent Museums in Russia , Being so rounded at the edges means it has been washed from its source ,and it being so heavy means the source isn't too far away depending on speed velocity of the local river, Such sizes are rare;however, those that mine or prospect for this elusive metal deserve all the luck that befalls them ,
Patrick .
Patrick Travers, Perth W A
21/06/2014 22:35
What a wonderful find and coincidence: gold under a full moon on Friday, June the 13th. I hope Ugakhan company rewarded the finder of the treasure in a big way! Shouldn't his name be included in the article? What an honest and sharp-eyed man. After all, the sifting machine has already discarded the treasure and I suppose he could have pocketed the gold? I think his action should be publicized by the company and an appropriate reward be given to him. His find is a treasure indeed!

E. Espinosa from Alberta, Canada
E. Espinosa, Canada
20/06/2014 21:01

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