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Closer ties coming between Siberia's largest city and China

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28 September 2012


Novosibirsk city centre, picture: The Siberian Times 

He was speaking in Shenyang, named by the Economist Intelligence Unit as one of 13 megacities emerging in China and fuelling its economic development. 

From next year Novosibirsk will be twinned with Shenyang. 

'High-tech ideas and infrastructure projects are in focus for drawing of investments from China, which expresses interest in closer cooperation with us,' said the mayor.

In an interview with Itar-Tass during the Sixth Northeeast Asia Economic Development Forum, he said there is now an intensive interaction between the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of China in new innovations.

'Lately, Russia and China achieved a high level of interaction in the trade area. About 100 Chinese companies are accredited in Novosibirsk,' he said. 

He highlighted a joint Russian-Chinese plant for the production of lithium-ion batteries.

'The facility has already been launched and works successfully. Over 14 months, the plant will gain its designated capacity of $532 million US dollars,' he said. 

On the twinning plan with Shenyang, he said: 'Such a format of international relations is very promising. It is a signal for business to intensify bilateral interaction'. 

Comments (4)

How many companies have been operating in Russia since 2012? Can you give me a report in figures?
hayder, Baghdad\ Iraq
14/04/2017 06:37
Altai Republic is the natural pass from Novosibirsk to China, so railway and road connections between Novosibirsk and Urimqi (capital of Xingjiang) will increase.
Enrique, Spain
30/07/2013 18:01
@prof Vernon US: as if they've got many alternatives, with Siberia being so close to China and with world going global
Kylie, far away there
28/09/2012 16:46
Russia may live to regret giving too much control on its economy to China.
Prof Vernon, US
28/09/2012 15:03

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