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'Since 1902 there was a daily 'butter' train, leaving Novosibirsk to Riga, Latvia, with 25 carriages, each loaded with 7 000 kg of butter'

Stop treating air passengers as 'hostages'

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29 October 2015


Primorye governor Vladimir Miklushevsky intends to appeal to S7 and Utair asking for help. Picture: Deita

Russian airlines UTair and S7 must step in to provide flights after stricken airline Transaero stopped serving Pacific capital Vladivostok, said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

'Don't forget that the winter vacation coming, and passenger traffic on these days will increase significantly. People should not be hostages to these difficult situations, and the authorities should quickly solve them.' 

While Aeroflot has upped capacity and is honouring Transaero tickets, there is still a shortage of seats on routes - especially to and from Moscow - that are critical for local people. 


Russian Far East faced with transportation poblems  as the fate of Transaero is decided. Picture: Transaero 

'I intend to appeal to the management and owners of the companies S7 and UTair with a proposal to consider the possibility of direct flights between Moscow and Vladivostok using wide-bodied aircraft,' he said. 'I believe that the alternative carriers will increase competition and reduce the price of air tickets.'

Expressing outrage at the current situation, he said: 'Today just two flights from Moscow to Vladivostok are performed. With the existing passenger traffic, it is not enough. 'The cost of a ticket from a single carrier [Aeroflot] in this direction, with the purchase of tickets a few days before departure, has increased from three to five times.' Passengers face 'very unpleasant' indirect routings taking more than 24 hours to fly the route at an acceptable price, he said. 


 'Today just two flights from Moscow to Vladivostok are performed. With the existing passenger traffic, it is not enough.' Picture: Vladivostok community

S7 and UTair are both Siberian based carriers. UTair serves two Far Eastern destinations from Vnukovo (Moscow) to Pevek and Anadyr, both in Chukotka. S7 has flights from Novosibirsk to Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in its winter schedule. Other destinations also face problems as the fate of Transaero is decided, with S7 leading a rescue bid. Transaero was the main airline operating  from Moscow to Anadyr, Magadan and Blagoveshchensk.

Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev said:  'The Far East is a particularly sensitive region from the point of view of accessibility, as flying is really the only practical option. To solve the ticket deficit problems that arose after Transaero ceased flights, we launched additional flights and operated more spacious aircraft. We expect the situation will normalise in the near future, but ask passengers to understand the temporary complexity.'

Comments (3)

Better than being dead...and USA and UK are in collusion of the recent downing of your peoples in the plane...
Business will resume after security issues are settled...be patient and thank God they are fussing about this...
Better than to put you in a plane the USA and UK will shoot down...then blame their terror gang 'ISIL'...sameo sameo
No Name, USA
07/11/2015 02:29
Yous should call in Ryan Air from Ireland, they would do a great job & you would get great value as well & the planes wouldn't break down or be stuck at airports. You wouldn't know yourselves & you'd wonder why you hadn't thought about this before? Ryan Air, the airline that will always get you there.
Jaker, Dundalk
29/10/2015 23:35
Aeroflot will need two A-380 to increase capacity for direct Moscow-Vladivostok flights.

Until 2035, the high speed railway Moscow-Vladivostok, with trains at 300-350 km/h will not be built. By then, it will be possible to reach Vladivostok from Moscow in just two days.
Enrique, Spain
29/10/2015 19:00

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