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Putin to personally thaw the ice cream freeze

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05 September 2016


'We love Russian ice cream in China, but it is illegal to export it.' Picture: NTV

A Chinese businessman surprised the Russian president Vladimir Putin at the Eastern Economic Forum by asking for curbs to be removed on ice cream exports to his country. 

Sirius Holding chairman Zhang Tao told the Kremlin leader: 'We love Russian ice cream in China, but it is illegal to export it. The only way to enjoy it is to go to Russia and get some here. 

'Something could be done to make it easier for Chinese people to buy ice cream here and sell it in China.'

Vladimir Putin and Chairman Xi

Vladimir Putin meets Xi Jinping at G20. Picture:

Putin seemed unaware of an ice cream curtain between the two countries, and vowed to personally overcome this great wall. 

'You surprised me with regard to the export of ice cream, as though this were a national asset, some cultural heritage,' he said. 'This is the first time I have heard this. 

'Now, whenever I go to China, I will bring Chairman Xi some ice cream as a special treat, given it is so difficult to get.'

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It is always so heartening to see examples of how human we all really are. Thank you for sharing this story. Do people in China make good whiskey? In one of our previous discussions we (the good-hearted readers of Siberian News) were trying to help think of ideas to help the Scottish themed pubs in Siberia have access to good whiskey at reasonable prices. Perhaps there could be an exchange of Russian ice cream for Chinese whiskey. Or perhaps a Russian ice cream tour for people from China to easily visit more often.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
05/09/2016 20:08

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