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'The Yenisey began life with a groan and ended with a boldness we could never dream of'
A.P. Chekhov, 1890

Police arrest snow leopard 'poacher' in Altai region

By The Siberian Times reporter
10 November 2015

Skin and skull of rare animal was hidden in the suspect's car.

The unnamed man faces up to two years in prison and a fine of 1 million roubles, or £15,500, say law enforcement officers. Picture:

Impounded too: 20 brown bear paws being illegally transported. The unnamed man faces up to two years in prison and a fine of 1 million roubles, or £15,500, say law enforcement officers. 

Over the past 16 years, the population of snow leopards has declined by at least 20 percent, and continues to fall, says the WWF. Around 4,000 remain in the wild, it is claimed. 

Snow leopard skin

The carpet made of snow leopard skin seized by police in 2009. Picture: Igor Ivanitsky

The cat is distinct from the Amur Leopard which even more endangered with only 500 or so in the wild. The brown bear paws have a black market value because they are sought after for  traditional cures in China. 

Comments (9)

Stop killing them. To all poachers, you disgust me. Your lack of heart and kindness makes me sick, so sick. What you do is horrible, how would you feel if I skinned you and sold you? I know any poachers reading this are probably don't care, but mark my words, I will stop you and all your "friends". Just wait.
Anonymous , Unknown
15/05/2021 00:54
This man needs to suffer the same cruelty he subjected this beautiful animal to. I'm sure there are drugs that could keep him alive and conscious while he is skinned. This type of person makes me ashamed to be human
Shelagh Cooper, Scotland
13/11/2015 17:02
that is all? fines and jail should ne 10x as high.only that will deter them. because hunger is not the main cause for poaching i nRussia. it is just plain greed. and that should be punished.
Benedikt, Moscow,Russia
11/11/2015 12:22
Hang him! & hang the who ordered
Petr Plachy, Brno Czech republic
11/11/2015 11:53
Stoppt this cruel Massaker
Martha Grünewald , Germany
11/11/2015 05:26
Death penalty for poachers
Paul, Canada
11/11/2015 03:33
Skin him and make a rug out of his ugly skin fror Kendall Jones.
Maria Junttila, Finland
11/11/2015 00:56
Wait till you see, another six month of community service awaits this "Obnoxious Barbarous Thief"
Jaker, Dundalk
11/11/2015 00:46
STOP THE CRUELTY !! Let them be FREE!!
MarEugenia Pereira, Hollywood , Florida
10/11/2015 21:32

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