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Tiger cub 'orphaned by poachers' loses fight for life despite efforts of vets

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06 January 2016


Wildlife specialists who rescued the cub said she was 'very weak and extremely exhausted'. Picture: Land of Leopard

The endangered Amur tigress cubs - one of the rarest big cats on the planet - was found earlier this week searching for food at a remote village in the Russian Far East. Wildlife specialists who rescued the cub said she was 'very weak and extremely exhausted'. The tigress's temperature was only 33.3C.

Efforts by vets raised this to 37C and the animal tried to eat, but she had suffered too much during several weeks after she lost her mother. Her weight at around 15 kilograms was little more than half the expected figure for her age of around four months.

Another cub - believed to be a sister - is faring better. A third is feared to be still in the wild. The dead tigress had been brought to the care facilities of the Land of Leopard national park. 

Siberian tiger cub died

Siberian tiger cub died

'Realising that the chances of recovery were small, we consulted with leading veterinarians.' Pictures: Land of Leopard

Ekaterina Blidcheko, a veterinarian at the park, said: 'All the little tigress ate on the first day, unfortunately, was not assimilated by her organism. Laboratory studies of blood collected on Tuesday confirmed that in the body of the animal had started an irreversible process. 

'Realising that the chances of recovery were small, we consulted with leading veterinarians, and tried all the recommended drugs.' She stressed her team 'tried to do everything possible to save the kitten. However, the aid came too late.'

Advice on saving the tigress came from the chief veterinarian of the Moscow Zoo Mikhail Alshinetsky, and the Zoological Society of London.

Comments (20)

More tigers lost is heart breaking to read but more heart breaking itus have been for these fine vets who gave it their very best to save her to be honest I hope not to be here to hear the news the last tiger has gone has this shown that now is the time to put professional people out hunting the poachers because I will not shed one tearfora poacher lost compared to a tiger.
Philip Quinn, Sheffield England
07/01/2016 00:02
Poor little mite. Makes me so sad to read these stories. I hope the poachers get caught and severely punished. Tigers are such a rare and beautiful animal.
BJ, Kent
06/01/2016 23:53
Rest in peace sweet angel. Bast will take care of you now. I hope the disgusting poachers are caught and brought to justice
Lawren Rudley, Blackwood Nj USA
06/01/2016 23:25
So sad - thanks for trying to help and fingers crossed for her sister.
Janet Gardner, Bishop Auckland England
06/01/2016 23:13
spassiba for trying to help her...may she rest in peace
irisade, frankfurt
06/01/2016 22:53

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