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Tiger cub 'orphaned by poachers' loses fight for life despite efforts of vets

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06 January 2016


Wildlife specialists who rescued the cub said she was 'very weak and extremely exhausted'. Picture: Land of Leopard

The endangered Amur tigress cubs - one of the rarest big cats on the planet - was found earlier this week searching for food at a remote village in the Russian Far East. Wildlife specialists who rescued the cub said she was 'very weak and extremely exhausted'. The tigress's temperature was only 33.3C.

Efforts by vets raised this to 37C and the animal tried to eat, but she had suffered too much during several weeks after she lost her mother. Her weight at around 15 kilograms was little more than half the expected figure for her age of around four months.

Another cub - believed to be a sister - is faring better. A third is feared to be still in the wild. The dead tigress had been brought to the care facilities of the Land of Leopard national park. 

Siberian tiger cub died

Siberian tiger cub died

'Realising that the chances of recovery were small, we consulted with leading veterinarians.' Pictures: Land of Leopard

Ekaterina Blidcheko, a veterinarian at the park, said: 'All the little tigress ate on the first day, unfortunately, was not assimilated by her organism. Laboratory studies of blood collected on Tuesday confirmed that in the body of the animal had started an irreversible process. 

'Realising that the chances of recovery were small, we consulted with leading veterinarians, and tried all the recommended drugs.' She stressed her team 'tried to do everything possible to save the kitten. However, the aid came too late.'

Advice on saving the tigress came from the chief veterinarian of the Moscow Zoo Mikhail Alshinetsky, and the Zoological Society of London.

Comments (20)

Several of you expressed a desire to see poachers gunned down. Well, such a thing has happened---------in Bangladesh. By the police. Six suspected tiger poachers have been shot dead in a gunfight with Bangladeshi police at a hideout in the world's largest mangrove forest.

Police seized three tiger pelts which they said were from animals that appeared to be freshly killed.

Janis Schmidt, North Dakota, USA
29/02/2016 08:18
The awful suffering and pathetic death of such a magnificent animal is truly heartbreaking. Human greed and a total disregard of life. Much praise to the vets who tried to save her. I would like to see professional/army anti-poaching patrols who shoot poachers on sight.
Yvonne, UK
19/01/2016 23:15
So sorry the baby did not make it. The staff who tried to breath life into it's small body must be heartbroken. Please continue to save the precious lives others so willingly take and take for granted.
Mae, Daly City California
09/01/2016 07:48
I am so disgusted vs the poachers and I look forward for legal and territorial improvements vs them and their activities. At the same time I have to thank the vets & collegues together Putin for their common will to save those wonderful animals !

Thanks again
Giuseppe, Lecce, Italy
08/01/2016 16:27
Spasiba! That's one of the only words i know in russian! You are all doing something marvellous for the animals and the surviving of our planet with them, and i thank you so much! Tears for the little femelle tiger!! But i hope the better for her brother and it is possible to find the third? I'm happy to see that people like you still exist!!!
Bernadette Sculier, Belgium
08/01/2016 06:43
Lo único que me importa es el sufrimiento que causan a Seres indefensos.Luego nada mas.Ni siquiera seguir viviendo en este mundo hostil.
sylvia, argentina
08/01/2016 03:28
Большое спасибо вам за всё , что вы делаете - здоровья и успехов !!!!!!!!!!!!
Boris RAPPOPORT, Bnei Brak / Israel
07/01/2016 19:16
I urge all people on earth please don't kill animals - for they cannot express their feelings. They too have feelings but unfortunately no man can read them. I feel so sad when I daily see the pictures of animals being killed for various reasons. Please stop this violence they too have the right to live.
Shiranthi Codipilly, Sri Lanka
07/01/2016 17:54
When will it be possible for man to tame the need to hunt? This type of situation is not rare. Hunters kill mothers of all species unconcerned with the fact that there are babies dependent upon them for survival. This is profoundly tragic. It is heartbreaking to read. Man has moved forward from his beginning at a sluggish pace. We need to step up and respect and care for all life forms as if it were our own.
Thank you for the efforts of the team of doctors. May the remaining cubs somehow find solace and health.
Deborah Stark, New Mexico USA
07/01/2016 09:02
Having trouble typing....the tear ,of sadness for the unnecessary death of that poor baby. Such a shame, pity.
Scott Selfridge , Glassboro, NJ
07/01/2016 07:56
This news broke my heart! What a tragedy and what a big loss to the whole world! We just cannot let it go on! Please! All countries must join in and stop this massacre of wild life including elephants , rhinos and lions and many more!There is no time to lose!
Indra Rajapakse, Colombo ,SriLanka
07/01/2016 06:08
The loss of this Amur Tiger cub is nothing short of tragic. These magnificent felines are critically endangered and her loss, due to poachers, breaks my heart. When will this stop? What punishment is given to poachers if/when they're caught? Future generations may never see one of these beautiful creatures if poaching continues at this alarming rate. Live and let live!! Thanks to the vet team for their valiant efforts.
Caroline Martin, Sydney/Australia
07/01/2016 03:33
Thank you for your efforts in trying to save this little cub. Hope the poachers are caught and punished. Good luck with the other cub and hope somehow you can find the other cub.
Kathy Gasper, Carnegie, Pennsylvania, USA
07/01/2016 02:18
Enough is enough. It angers me every time I read about the loss of a big cat. Poaching is a cancer and should be eradicated from the face of the earth. I appeal to all the nations to introduce the strictest of punishments.

My heart goes out to the vets who tried their best to save the cub. Let's promise that we will join hands and will do whatever needed to done to stop these greedy scumbags from harming another beautiful creation of God. I don't have a problem if you eat what you kill.
Amit Dey, Usa
07/01/2016 01:27
Such very very sad news that this precious animal has lost her fight for life my heart goes out to her. Thankyou for all you have done trying to save this poor animals life. I wish poachers would understand just how cruel and the effects their actions are for orphaned cubs who lose their mother's due to their atrocities. It makes me ashamed that they are called " human beings"
K rogers, Wales
07/01/2016 00:49

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