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Even the Yeti go Gangnam Style with a Bigfoot dance in Siberia

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08 November 2012


Winning the world, the Korean Gangnam Style - now done Siberian way 

Now the Siberian Yeti have got in on the act too, with a flash mob dance in temperatures of minus 15C in Kemerovo.

Capital of the region - including the Kuzbass mountains and forests - which has the most recent Yeti 'sightings' in the world, some 400 people braved the cold to emulate Korean star PSY's catchy Gangnam Style with special lyrics dedicated to the Abominable Snowman. 

Yeti Gangnam style

Yeti Gangnam style

Enjoying the winter: students perform Yeti Gangnam Style in Kemerovo, Western Siberia  

Most participants were students from local universities who joined in the fun on 7 November - which locals now call the Day of the Yeti. 

Yeti Gangnam style

Yeti Gangnam style

Yeti Gangnam style

Taken the world by storm: Siberians enjoy Gangnam style dance.   

The lyrics, which rhyme in Russian, went something like:

This is Yeti style

In Siberia

There in the woods, by the fir trees

There there is a lot of snow

And minus 40 in winter

In the cave with no windows

Lives such a welcoming

Kuzbass Yeti

The most harmless of them all

He is so big, super giant, so healthy

But he is very kind, because he is Siberian! 

Probably wisely the Gangnam Yetis danced behind the back of a nearby 12 metre high statue of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin.

Watch the Yeti Gangnam Style video

Comments (6)

What great fun, glad to see young people over the world having fun. Hope to go to Siberia some time.
Bill Price, seattle usa
31/01/2013 01:08
Awesome! Good job!!! Loved it!
AliWehr, spokane valley, wa usa
13/12/2012 16:25
@ yeti kuzbass - no you weren't! you don't exist!
Sasha, Russia
09/11/2012 12:14
I woz there!
Yeti, Kuzbass
09/11/2012 12:10
That's amazing! Npvember 7, the day of revolution, has become the Day of Yeti! This what I call PR. Yeti demonstration instead of Communist ones - that hilarious, and I like it)
Daria, Russia
09/11/2012 00:40
That's funny! Wish a real yeti would join them))
Kate, Russia
08/11/2012 23:23

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