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Siberia gets a purrfect cafe!

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30 October 2013


'Kis-kis-kis'! Stunning Siberian Amur Ezra cat poses in the snow. Picture: kot-de-azur.livejournal.com

The cat cafe is opening in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia's energy capital, promising a new 'cat-o-relax experience'. At number 40 Dictatorship of the Proletariat Street, Kis Kis Cafe ('Kis Kis' is what Russians say to attract the cat's attention) charges a flat rate entrance fee of 150 roubles, or $4.70 and guests have unlimited access to tea, snacks, table games, books, movies, wifi - and cats. 

Children and students pay 100 roubles - around $3.15 - per hour.

'We promise a true cat-o-relax, otherwise known as feline therapy', say the cafe owners. 'Cats are provided by our partner company called 'Khvostiki' (Tails). All of them are with perfect character, as only the most charming and non-aggressive are selected for 'work' in the cafe. They are vaccinated and sterilised'.

The cats can also be bought and taken home as pets, it is understood. Cat cafes were pioneered in South Korea and have become popular in Japan. Recently, the first cat cafe opened in Paris.

Comments (3)

I have the same cat
Ali, Pakistan
15/12/2015 21:19
Excellent idea, wish we had something like this over here also ! Will there be a website with some pics ?
Eric, IJsselstein, The Netherlands
03/11/2013 15:18
good idea... nice little business, it is also good for visitors that like animals, and v good for animals as it would help them find new homes. I presume they are taking cats from some animal care centre?
Ieva, Lithuania
01/11/2013 18:37

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