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'I love Siberian women, they are incredible'

Books needed for the best Siberian library in the mountains!

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02 April 2014


We first took a group of children from Gorno-Altaisk orphanage to our house ten years ago. Picture: Yevgeniy Veselovskiy

Teachers from Gorno-Altaisk University have been working on testing the state of boys and girls before coming to Lake Teletskoe, while staying at Lake Teletskoe and after returning to the city. Our task was to organise excursions and different activities for the children.

We did the hike to the viewing platform at 'Vas'kina Mountain' and to 'Pokemon's cave'. We trained the children how to cope with rowing and sailing boats, sing songs, and to talk about life while sitting around campfire.

Boys reading the books on the Teletskoye lake

'We prepare a lot of events connected with a healthy lifestyle and recognition of the world around us. Such events take almost all the time, but children always have a couple of hours to read a good book sitting on the lake shore'. Picture: Yevgeniy Veselovskiy

There were many bright and interesting things and our guests, now adults, love to remember about this nostalgically and ask us to send them pictures - and promise to come again to visit the places where they enjoyed many happy moments.

I remember how children asked us for permission to take books from our family library.

They sat with these books on the shore of Teletskoe and began to read. The teachers, who accompanied them, stood still in joyful amazement, because they could not get their students to take up reading in the city.

Girls reading the books on the Teletskoye lake

'Their world is filled with travel and adventure, good and brave people. And they wanted to be the same'. Picture: Yevgeniy Veselovskiy

Over the past 10 years, many children and young people visited our family homestead. We helped them to open the world of the Altai Biosphere Reserve and Lake Teletskoe - we also helped them open the world of numerous novels.

They read our books and empathised with the heroes. Their world got filled with travel and adventure, good and brave people, and they felt they wanted to be the same. I agree with sociologists who raise alarm, saying that our children often see up to a hundren thousand scenes of violence before they reach early teens.

It hurts their minds, causing many different problems, including addictions. This is why our Altai Biosphere Reserve invites children and young people to rest here on the shores of lake Teletskoe, where we set up an eco-volunteering camping complex.

help us create a library by the lake help us create a library by the lake

'Every book you send will be gratefully received'. Picture: Yevgeniy Veselovskiy

We prepare a lot of events to show benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and help them understand and appreciate the world around us. Such events take almost all their time, but they still try to find a couple of hours to read a good book, sitting on the lake shore. 

We've decided to help them learn more, and started building our special library for children and youngsters - if any of you can help us, and send a book with your signature and best wishes we would be immensely grateful! 

Every book (no matter the language) will be gratefully received; please post them to me here in Siberia:

Yevgeniy Dmitriyevich Veselovskiy

Altai Biosphere Natural Reserve

Yaylyu village

Republic of Altai



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Will send books about the state of Florida, USA
Stephen, US
22/03/2015 08:52
will be sending books soon.
william lee, douglas arizona usa
24/02/2015 12:43
do you except books in english.
william lee, douglas arizona usa
19/02/2015 08:01

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