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The moon over Baikal glittered in different way, like you are looking at sable fur

Ian Frazier, 2013

Remains of the remarkable tattooed 'princess' are to go on public display

21 May 2013

A go-ahead for the 2500 year old 'Princess Ukok' to be displayed by a museum comes after scientific checks on her corpse.

The Gorno-Altaisk National museum's director Sergei Ochurdyapov said that, most likely, the mummy will be demonstrated on a specific day once or twice a month. Picture: Elena Shumakova, Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science 

The remains were preserved in the permafrost on the Ukok Plateau in the Altai Republic until dug up by archeologists. Now her body - tattooed with extraordinary images, shown in our pictures - has been examined by scientists who care for the embalmed remains of Vladimir Lenin, the revolutionary founder of the Soviet Union. 

Representatives of Research Centre of Biomedical Technologies of the All-Russian Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants visited the National Museum in Gorno-Altaisk, where the mummy was moved last September after completion of scientific research by the Novosibirsk team that dug up the remains.

The Moscow team said the Ukopk remains were in 'good condition', scotching rumours that there was a problem with the body. 

'We saw the object, it is in excellent condition,' said Vladimir Semkin.

'We provided the museum with recommendations for the future storage of the object. Overall, the mummy is a normal museum piece and can be shown to visitors.'

The museum's director Sergei Ochurdyapov said that, most likely, the mummy will be demonstrated on a specific day once or twice a month. However, it must be placed in a new sarcophagus, which will be made in July of this year.

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So I see they have broke the sarcophagus, which was made by Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography and was given to the museum with the mummy
Anna, Siberia
22/05/2013 17:07

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