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Mother-of-two, 39, killed by brown bear in Krasnoyarsk region

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09 July 2020


Anastasia was from the town of Lesosibirsk on the Yenisei River. Picture: Anastasia Lukashova

The gravely wounded woman was found by her husband who drove towards her from the village of Lesnoye in remote Severo-Yeniseysk district in the north of Krasnoyarsk region. 

He rushed her to hospital, but Anastasia died from wounds on the way. 

‘The attack happened today in the taiga by Lake Lesnoye, next to the village of Baikal,’ regional police told Podyem website. 

‘The woman was walking on the forest road when she was supposedly attacked by a brown bear. 

‘Her husband found the wounded woman and drove her hospital, but sadly she died on way to hospital.’,

Hunting experts were called to the site, and are now searching for the killer bear.

Anastasia was from the town of Lesosibirsk on the Yenisei River.

The attack was some 400 km north of regional capital Krasnoyarsk city. 

Initally is was reported that the woman, a shop owner, had been attacked in front of her underage daughter; later this was denied.

Comments (3)

Very sad. But i always wonder she was a local resident so she knew of predators living in that region. So why go out alone, unarmed. I know people in Russia and may other countries are used living with dangerous predators. In the Netherlands the fox was long time the biggest predator until recently the return of wolfs. But there only small numbers at the moment. But when i go out in the woods with my mountainbike or walking it feels little bit different since the wolfs return. But a lone wolf is not nearly as dangerous as a lone bear or tiger which you in Russia have.
Martin, Netherland
23/07/2020 16:17
A very sad story but is that nice looking woman really 39 years old?
Mr Hans, STOCKHOLM Sweden
12/07/2020 03:49
Very sad.
James, Alaska
10/07/2020 00:51

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