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Shocking new evidence of 'mass murder' of famous reindeer population

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14 April 2017


Poachers killed 20,000 reindeer. Picture: WWF Russia

Disturbing images show the scale of slaughter by poachers in the vast Evenkiysky district of Krasnoyarsk region. 

Hunting inspectors believe some 20,000 reindeer were shot at 800 locations over a 1,500 kilometre route checked for evidence of poaching. 

One killing field is some 6 hectare in size.

Inspectors say the poachers - 'well armed and equipped' - were 'cynical' by shooting without proper targeting. 

They found some 300 carcases of deer that had been shot and wounded, and struggled into the forest to die. 

Inspectors of the region's State Hunting Control directorate along with police and employees of the Central Siberian Reserve participated in  raids with the backing of campaigning group WWF.

They warned of a risk of dangerous disease since many reindeer corpses lie unburied.

Pavel Kochkarev, director of the Central Siberian Reserve, said: 'I have the impression that wild reindeer are shot dead for one particular thing.

'Poachers want reindeer tongues.

Poachers want reindeer tongues. Pictures: WWF Russia

'They shoot, cut off the tongue, leave the rest. 

'If they want, they shoot, chop off the legs, and drop the rest.' 

The experts suggest a death toll of some 20,000 in this district and say they lack the resources to tackle the poachers. 

Ivan Mizin, coordinator of the Barents department of WWF Russia, said: 'We expected that poaching exists in this region but the reality is horrific. 

'WWF Russia will continue to support anti-poaching measures. We are planning to conduct new raids. 

'It is also necessary to strengthen monitoring to gain a better understanding of reindeer migration routes, identifying locations where poaching is more likely, and make amendments to existing hunting legislation.' 

Inspectors found some 300 carcases of deer. Pictures: WWF Russia

The reindeer here are the southern part of the famous Taimyr population, the largest in the world but shrinking fast in size

This latest alert follows reports earlier in the year on the decimation of this huge herd caused by several factors including poaching. 

The population numbered 1 million in the year 2000, but is now as low as between 400,000 and 500,000.

Experts have blamed climate change for the decrease, but industrial scale poaching is seen as another cause, posing a real threat to the population's survival. 

Expert Leonid Kolpashchikov,  head of the scientific department of Taimyr Reserve, warned: 'In 2000, the population of wild reindeer was up to 1 million. During this time, it fell by half.

WWF Russia will continue to support anti-poaching measures. Pictures: WWF Russia

'If the situation continues, then by 2020, according to estimates, the population size may be reduced to 150,000 to 200,000.

'At the same time the fate of the reindeer is deplorable.'

At other times of the year, poachers also yank off the antlers of the reindeer which - like the tongues - can be sold on the black market, with Asian countries including China believing in their medicinal and potency qualities. 

See our report on poaching on Taimyr here - http://siberiantimes.com/ecology/casestudy/features/f0285-how-poaching-is-killing-off-the-worlds-largest-reindeer-herd-on-taimyr-peninsula/

Comments (12)

This has left me sickened and appalled. Russia has more than enough money for its aggressive military and a LOT of other things in its country that aren't so important. One thing in life I have NEVER been able to handle is ANY animal suffering needlessly. It's one thing for a farmer to raise some beef or chickens and in a "human" method, quickly and painlessly use the animal for food. When little and it was butchering day on Grandma's farm all the men would gather for this difficult but necessary deed. Because a handgun was used as well as one or two other things to ensure the death was instant and painless when it came time for this to happen they would round up all us little ones and "lock" us in the brooder house (always empty this time of the winter) for two reasons. First, they didn't want any of us to witness it and second, they didn't want any of the children around any firearms. There was always an adult or an older teen who guarded the door inside so we wouldn't leave. We were probably in there 10 minutes. I know things like this need to be done but what has happened here in Siberia with these herds of reindeer is gruesome, horrid, revolting and downright EVIL. China has been responsible for more needless and horrible animal deaths on this planet due to their bizarre, outdated, and antiquated fantasy beliefs of animal parts being able to cure or provide thrills than any other country that has ever existed. In the 21st century with medicine to cure a vast number of things and also improve life in countless ways (a man doesn't need a part of a reindeer to "get excited", he just sees an M.D. for that, pop a pill and that's it) there is not one single excuse for ANY of these outdated practices being followed. Why don't they buy leaches and blood several pints of blood while they're at it too. It is up to the younger Chinese people to INSIST this is stopped in the country. You know the old geezers aren't going to do it. I'd like to know, are these articles being shown in China, ALL over the place or are they forbidden and kept silent by the government? I have a hard time believing most NORMAL people, knowing what has happened to the animals providing that stupid stuff they've tried using or those FEW bites of that so-called delicacy would want to contribute to such horrendous behavior. If there is NO market for these things then poachers will have NO reason to continue. I'd like to know just how in the world did people in China begin eating reindeer tongue in the first place since reindeer are thousands of miles away from China and I doubt many traveled within the Arctic Circle a thousand or hundreds of years ago. Russia needs to stand up and DO IT'S DUTY and get the army out there to protect these animals. If not they're going to be responsible for the loss of wild reindeer. It's going to be ALL their fault. I don't believe a single word Russia ever says anyway but I never thought they had such little disregard for their wildlife and the creatures in their country. Shame on you Russia, you're a disappointment to the world. It sounds as if they're doing NOTHING. They act since they can't go in with a vast army they just put up their hands and say, oh well. They're outrageous fools.
Pamela Grove, Smithsburg, Maryland USA
03/06/2017 08:40
This is awful but i am a person who hates hunting for sport, its still no okay to kill animals for fun or, in my opinion, anything else, if they are suffering that is different but i don't believe that these animals where suffering, this is wrong stop killing!!!!
Beth, Monette, Arkansas
20/04/2017 22:18
They are Russians and will do anything for money
abomb onurass, canada
20/04/2017 05:55
Terrible and so easy to get by with such terrible actions
Patricia gothard, Laguna woods CA USA
18/04/2017 05:23
ashame on you russia !!
DAN LEON, גרמניה
18/04/2017 04:51
this person are no human. stop with this.
natercio silva, brazil
17/04/2017 10:36
It's just so sick and twisted it's hard to believe they're human beings doing these bloody murders with no respect for God's creations. Poachers are nothing more than pond scum. And just the same goes on under Putin's order culling dogs off the streets - more murder.
Patricia Akers, Taos USA
17/04/2017 10:06
This is a grotesque act of cruelty.
Killing for food is almost acceptable but this.
It's too much to bear. How do these poachers sleep at night with so much blood on their hands.
Greed, greed, greed.
Paul troalic, Jersey c islands
16/04/2017 04:04
We Will Able to see them in only pictures and drawings in the future,

What a horrible way to die Stop Killing Guys even animals have heart and can feel pain . its that simple to just stop killing them.
16/04/2017 00:42
Wolfs & Foxes need Justice & we must put an end to Fur farms. No animal should die for the selfish human being to wear their fur as a coat, this is animal cruelty and must stop.
Nellie , Melbourne Australia
15/04/2017 23:12
Stop it please..This is so disturbing!! Imagine a situation where humans are being hunt down by some animal!! That imagination of terror drives the hell out of us..And you are doing this to animals who cannot speak!! This is so not okay please STOP!!
Nishtha, India
15/04/2017 10:48
Stop killing!!!
Pohan , Germany
15/04/2017 09:31

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