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World beating electron accelerator to be built by Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

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01 March 2013


'An electron accelerator with such parameters does not yet exist', Aleksandr Skrinskiy, director of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics said. Pictured: construction of one Nuclear Physics Institute's accelerators, by Vadim Makhorov 

'The nuclear physics institute has already obtained a mega-project - it is the building of a new-class accelerator for our nuclear centre in Snezhinsk', he said, according to Interfax. 

Aleksandr Skrinskiy, director of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, part of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the project would take more than five years and cost billions of roubles. It would surpass any such accelerator in the world, and could be applied to research and improve new nuclear weapons. 

'An electron accelerator with such parameters does not yet exist', Skrinskiy said. 

'The new accelerator would have 'very small angular spreads of an electron beam', said the report.

Deputy director Yuriy Tikhonov said the new accelerator would be enabled to model  processes in a nuclear explosion with a higher degree of accuracy.

'Since nuclear tests are banned, ever more perfect instruments are required for scientific research to improve weapons without carrying out explosions,' he was quoted as saying. 

An accelerator with one-tenth the scale has been built already at Snezhinsk.

Founded in 1957, Snezhinsk is a 'closed town' in Chelyabinsk region. It is dedicated to nuclear research.

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i do hope they manage to help the families attached to the plant; but its a great news and should have been done years ago
Yelena, Tyumen, Siberia
01/03/2013 13:55

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