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Ian Frazier, 2013

Granny gives bears their marching orders

By The Siberian Times reporter
20 January 2014

She uses her voice to send the mother and cub on their way.

'March, march away from here immediately' - Siberian grandmother shouts as the animals retreat. Picture: youtube 

The brown bears were caught on video encroaching on a snow-covered village apparently in search of food. They are filmed by an unnamed man, panting perhaps because he was running into the house to flee the hungry animals. 

'Where are they'? - a grandmother's voice asks as the bears stroll into a garden. 'There', says the male cameraman, as a younger female voice adds - 'There, behind the outside toilet.' 

Then the granny shouts at the bears: 'Ah you ****  why did you come here?' 

The bears pause as soon as they hear her furious voice. 'What did you come here for?' - she shouts even louder. 'March away from here at once!' 

They paused, listened, and immediately obeyed her command, turning and running up the hill, away from the settlement. 

'March, march away from here immediately' - she shouts as they retreat, adding a Russian swear word for good measure. 

'They think they are the masters here,' she complained.  

It is unclear exactly what time of year the footage was shot.

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and swear she can on top of it, and quite nicely too.
Benedikt, Moscow
30/11/2014 10:52

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